This is a great time to become a Board Member at Fairweather. We are going through a period of exciting developments that will take the charity into the future. Use your strategic skills, knowledge and experience to help the charity move forward.



Fairweather is currently looking for new Board Members. We are particularly looking for individuals with a strategic background in business planning and development, fundraising, marketing and social enterprise.   Please click 'More Info' buttons for full details.


We are interested in working with people in researching topics around mental health issues, social isolation and the impact that these issues have on people in their daily lives and people’s role in wider society. We think that this could be a fantastic opportunity for a student already carrying out research on these subjects to use their work in a professional capacity. The works would massively benefit us here at Fairweather and also provide research placements for students to fulfil academic requirements. This mutually beneficial arrangement can go a long way in the contribution to our work here at Fairweather and really shape the work we carry out.


In the build-up to our new works we are looking to establish a community group, to build and establish a prominent voice so that we can tailor services to meet the needs of the community. We are looking for people to come forward and participate in the group to enable us to reach more people with our services. If you are interested in being a part of the community group there is no need to be a part of a recognised organisation at present; the key to the success of the group will be representing diversity so that we can work on an all-inclusive basis, with no prejudice or bias. to ensure that future projects are designed with as many people in mind as possible.


In the near future we will also be looking for volunteers to join our new project that is currently in development, with more details to follow. 


If you are interested in volunteering or working in partnership with Fairweather to support volunteering, please get in touch:


Telephone:  01274 955 700


Email: admin@fairweather.uk.net



Fairweather always aims to ensure that the schemes in operation have a real impact and serve a real purpose, so to have external input in the development process is essential. We require a number of volunteers in varying roles from practical support to strategic, if you think that you could contribute to the development of new works at Fairweather, please do not hesitate in getting in touch!

Due to limited staff resources, there are currently some limitations within our Volunteer Program.  The capacity of our staff is restricted due to having to prioritise the support of our service users while trying to develop the future of the charity.


At this current time, we are looking for volunteers who require minimal support and guidance following induction. We are looking for individuals who already have the skills and experience to carry out the roles. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to give intense support, guidance or training to volunteers.


We hope that this will change in time, as new funding is secured.

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