"I now feel confident and have a belief in myself" 


MY STORY......

I was roofless and desperately needed somewhere to stay.  I was getting nowhere until I rang Fairweather.   I felt very fortunate and very lucky to be able to get a place at Fairweather.  I had a lot of belongings and did not have the money to hire a van.  A member of staff came in the works vehicle to support me to bring all my things to Fairweather. I was made very welcome by the staff and also the residents. Fairweather is just what I needed at that time. I needed a roof over my head and support to get back on my feet.


Staff helped me work towards my goals in the support plan.  I felt that I was getting, structure back in my life; something that I was used to, but lost due to my current situation.  At times I was feeling low and getting nowhere, stressed and losing hope, but after finding Fairweather I realised things were going to change for the better.  I remember being nervous, excited and hopeful all at once.


I am a qualified Nurse, however as I had not practised this for over three years, I needed support to get my registration renewed. My Keyworker supported me in helping me to research into what was required to get my qualification renewed. This was a start towards my Nursing Career. I would not have been able to do this myself and I really appreciated all the support I was given.


My Keyworker also helped me find a job, prepped me for the interview and helped calm my nerves down.  I was slowly feeling that I was getting my independence back, I was earning again although not much but something, and this made me feel better and more positive about myself.


When I heard that I got accepted for a house, I was so pleased but also sad about leaving.  During the time of my move on, the staff were with me all the time.  They supported me to apply for a Community Care Grant. I got refused the first time, so they wrote a letter appealing the decision and I was granted enough money to get what I needed.


I left Fairweather feeling confident and had belief in myself.  I have now got a full-time night job working in a hospital and I start next week. I am really looking forward to this. I have also started to financially support my family again.


My experience at Fairweather was very good and I would love to come back to Fairweather someday and help others that have been in a similar situation like mine. 


Thank you for all your help!”  

                                                                                Service User

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