In recent years Fairweather has undergone some significant changes, as the local and national landscape has changed. The changing social and economic climate has impacted on the way our organisation is funded and on the lives of the people we work with in Bradford.  


We have embraced this period of change as an opportunity to develop the organisation in new and exciting ways. We continue to be fully committed to our beliefs and principles. Our philosophy underpins all we do.


With our dedicated staff team and with the support from our volunteers and partners, we are continuing to make a difference, while developing in creative directions.


We continue to value service user involvement. Fairweather wish to foster a co-productive way of working with all people who become involved in our organisation.


We have a vision of the future, but we also wish to retain a flexible approach, which will enable us to take up opportunities, which arise. We will continue to respond to changing demands and the needs of our current and potential service users.  


We wish to continue our practice of joint working and collaboration for mutual benefit with organisations, which share our values and philosophy.

We are prepared to consider a variety of ways of working jointly with different individuals, organisations and services, whilst retaining our autonomy. 


We are developing a dynamic group of volunteers. We also have a core of mentors and consultants, with varied expertise, to advise and help us move the organisation forward.


We are building on our established and successful practice, while developing an exciting strategy of growth and development to take Fairweather into the future. 

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REGISTERED OFFICE Carlton House, Grammar School Street, Bradford BD1 4NS

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