Fairweather is a small, local charity with over 35 years' experience of providing support to the people of Bradford 

Inspirational artwork created by our volunteers

Fairweather are following COVID-19 advice issued by the Government and are currently operating remotely to ensure our service users still receive support.

For further information please look at the following websites and ensure that you are getting correct and up to date information from official sources:



Our Work in Numbers

Amazing feedback from the people who work with us!!

  • 100% of service users felt that Fairweather support had been helpful.

  • 75% of students stated that Fairweather had helped to improve their attendance at University, in some cases the students had 100% non-attendance.

  • 58% stated that it had helped improve their academic grades.

  • All students that felt it was applicable (92%) felt that Fairweather’s support had helped them cope with university.

  • 58% stated that they felt that they had had to work through periods of crisis and that Fairweather had helped them work through them.

  • 92% felt that Fairweather had helped them work through relationships with other people.

  • 100% felt that Fairweather had helped reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

  • The feedback from all service users was ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’, with 75% scoring the service as ‘excellent’.

  • 100% of external professionals said that the standard of service received from Fairweather was excellent, 100% said that Fairweather's referral service was excellent and 100% said that they would recommend Fairweather services to a colleague or other organisations. 

                    Fairweather's Philosophy Underpins All we Do




We believe that all people regardless of their situation in life should enjoy the same rights and opportunities, whilst accepting the responsibilities for the consequences of these. Differences need to be encouraged and celebrated.

People are more than the problems they experience. Everyone needs help at some point in their lives. It is important to recognise strengths and abilities, as well as current needs of the people we work with.

Support will add positive aspects to a person's life. Self esteem can be increased by valuing an individual's abilities, experience and knowledge. 




Play and fun is valued for adults and children in order to live, create and develop in all areas of life and work. Creativity is empowering and builds confidence.


We recognise that people are more than the situation they find themselves in at any point in time.  Whilst a person may need support in one area, they may have expertise in others.

Collaboration and partnership working adds value to all involved. Working together with shared goals, increases resources and potential.

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