Here you can find personal stories from people who have benefitted from Fairweather’s services. You will also find quotes from service user and stakeholder feedback.

My time at Fairweather…

“I was in a bad way when I moved to Leigh House. I was homeless after a bad break up with my boyfriend and could go back to live with my Mum. I’d been in and out of care whilst I was growing up and felt all over the place, I was at my lowest. The staff did so much to help me and really picked me up when I needed somebody. At the time, I had fallen out with my family and felt alone. The staff at Leigh House made me feel like I wasn’t alone and I could cope better with things knowing I could talk to them.

The staff are professional but they care about everybody who lives in the scheme and they helped me to build bridges with my family. They helped too when I got really angry about things and helped me to find ways of coping with my feelings. I even started college, which I love and made load of friends.

After I moved out of Leigh House, I moved into my own flat and I got Floating Support from Fairweather, where a worker comes and visits you and helps to know how to manage to run your own home and is there to talk to when I feel down or am unsure about something. I’m really happy with my life now, I’ve learn how to cope in my own place and to control my anger about things that have happened to me in the past.

I’m expecting a baby now and have a great relationship with my family and my boyfriend. I couldn’t be happier and I couldn’t have done it without Fairweather.”

Service User